Thursday, 16 August 2012

WOFEX 2012

So my Mom, her office mates and I attended the World Food Expo, which was held on August 1 to 4, at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center.  However, we only joined on August 2 and 4 because of time constraint and we had to go to some other places as well.

Now, to those of you who do not have any idea about WOFEX, then you can find information here:

Anyway, I will be showing you just a glimpse of what the event was all about--cooking demos, awesome products, free taste, cooking contests, freebies and a lot more.  This event is definitely a must-see for all foodies and cooking enthusiasts out there.  No doubt, I will be attending this event again next year. :)

This one is my favorite. The doll looks super real!

Chef Heny Sison and Joseph Yeo :)
The steak melted in my mouth. YUM!

French macaron--to die for!
And another one..:D
Chef Jill Sandique and Mr. Eddie Garcia

A BONUS for us!!

Here are some stuff we got from WOFEX 2012.  We bought most of these but some were giveaways! I just love freebies :)

 Need I say more?  See you next year!!