Friday, 14 October 2011

Reconnecting with Nature Part 2

So this is the second part of our escapade. :D

We went to Mimbalot Falls for we wanted to try the zipline.  The said site is still under construction for it to be more beautiful and attractive to tourists.  

This was my first time to be attached to some cable and cross one mountain to another, so yeah, I was pretty darn scared!!

still smiling :)

My hands were really cold at this time *gulps*

Can't go back now...

I'm flyyyyiiinnnnggg..:D

Our little "excursion" was a blast!  I was able to spend time with my good 'ol friends and I conquered my fear!
Oh yeah!!!

We ended our trip at Flamoo, the newest burger joint in town.  We ate their bestseller, the Thomas Aquinas burger, which consisted of 300g burger patties, pineapple, cheese, bacon and coleslaw..YUM!

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